V a n n  Thomas  P o w e l l  

    On Contentious Ground
    Looking for Lowery

    Points of Entry
    Rebirth of Tragedy
    Retracing Sherman

Vann is a Fine Art
Photographer and
Experimental Filmmaker

+1 919 638 9146
Based in Durham, NC


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Some Time Ago East of Here (2015-2018)

Some Time Ago East of Here is a visual diary, observational notes, and sketch of East Asia by way of Seoul, South Korea and it’s surrounding region. This series takes a look at the daily rhythms of a world of concrete that never ends - where individuals are glued to their phones and tradition blends together with the future. Some Time Ago East of Here examines technology and its place in a traditional and conservative, yet dynamic East Asian culture. This intersection of the past with the pulsing future sits at a point of anxiety not too disimilar with feelings of discord and unease in the rest of the world.